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Tooltips on Objects

  • Tooltips are provided for added information.

Building Manager

  • Drawing part of a building, of an annex to a building or a gallery without having to close the figure.
  • The new feature Dynamic Site Buildings can move and rotate a building. Setbacks adjust automatically. An offset skating box is drawn around the building, displaying the points of its extremities. When the building switches position, all elements are being redrawn in the right place. The result is saved in the description file.

Note Manager

  • Attachment and visualization of digital photos in the CAD file. On each point of VisionPlus, it is now possible to attach a digital picture taken at the scene and manage it from the notes manager.

Parcel Manager

  • Development of a mechanism to display a parcel’s closure. This difference is calculated based on the theoretical distances and theoretical course directions.
  • Automatic creation of nodes when parcels are created from element
  • Drawing of the points symbols according to parcels’ line directions.
  • Many options of parametric data for Metes and bounds descriptions.

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Optimize the Efficiency of your Work

Geo-Plus VisionPlus software was developed right from the start by surveying and land management experts for their peers. It resolves functionality, usability and process-related issues by integrating into your standard AutoCAD®, MicroStation® or BricsCAD® environment, useful and easy to use COGO, terrain modeling and design automation tools. Geo-Plus VisionPlus dramatically simplifies the drawing layout and information workflow processes, optimizing efficiency and profitability of your work teams.

Draw like a pro without being an AutoCAD®, MicroStation® or BricsCAD® expert.

Integrate your descriptive and geometric data, and identify errors.

Take advantage of unique features such as: alphanumeric point numbering, topological legal description which includes adjacent lots recognition, the multi-user environment which allows several people to work on the same project, and the "combined scale-factor" which allows you to compensate for the earth's curvature.

Facilitate data distribution and generate custom drawings in record time. Each drawing made with Geo-Plus VisionPlus contains a relational database which holds all the information related to parcels, contours, land observations, and more.

Quickly distribute data and generate custom drawings for clients by retrieving required information from the work plan. Appropriate drawing standard can be sLand Surveyor at Workelected to insure information is displayed according to clients' requirements. Draw in a structured manner without feeling constrained. Add Geo-Plus VisionPlus to your organization's CAD environment to ensure the use of your drawing standards or your clients', and transparently convert your drawings from one standard to another in an intuitive manner, all the while checking their integrity. Properties options and customizable menus, as well as equivalency tables make creating, managing and translating standards light work. Moreover, upon installation, Geo-Plus VisionPlus sets a norm in offices that do not yet have drawing standards.

Full COGO capacities

Fast and efficient COGO capacities built within Geo-Plus VisionPlus design options optimizes all Land Surveying work. VisionCogo is the ideal add-on software for more efficient and broad survey functionalities, all in one package. VisionCogo can be bought seperately.

VisionPlus offers

  •   Automated layout
  •   Independent and versatile data source and diffusion
  •  Compatibility with Microsoft®, Bentley®, AutoDesk® and Bricsys® products

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